Hali’imailie General Store

By far, the best restaurant on Maui. Located upcountry, away from everything else is the Hali’imaile General Store. We should have just had every meal here. The menu is a fusion of local style Hawaiian food along with classic and comptemporay cooking. For example, one of our starters was this quesadilla with brie and grapes, with an edamame salsa. On both visits we enjoyed one of the signature dishes, sashimi napoleon. Layers of fried wonton skins, tuna and smoked salmon, with wasabi vinaigrette. Very refreshing, light and satisfying.

The kobe burger was great as well, and the seasoned fries were especially good dipped in the mayo.

I love coming here, enjoying the food, letting the warm humid breeze soothe me. Wash it all down with a fresh, handmade, Mai Thai, and a vodka/lemongrass/ginger cocktail and you will never want to eat on Front Street again.

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One Response to Hali’imailie General Store

  1. stuffycheaks says:

    glad i read this post, just in time cuz I just booked a trip to Maui

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