Cafe Mambo

One afternoon in Maui, we drove up to one of our favorite towns, Paia. Paia is  a little hippie/artsy/funky/cute town on the north shore of Maui with lots of cute shops and restaurants.  We stopped in for lunch at Cafe Mambo, and eclectic little cafe serving all three meals, and even hosts movie night, where you can watch classics right in the cafe. I immediately noticed some tile work in the kitchen reminiscent of many locales I have seen in Spain. As it turns out, of the owners is Spanish.  Their menu is eclectic with burgers, fajitas, Moroccan tagines, salads, and meats including duck and kalua pork. I ordered the burger made with local Maui raised beef and a glass of Spanish wine.

Perfectly satisfying. We polished it off with a little pick-me-up of Irish Coffee. Cafe Mambo is on my list of places to return in Maui.

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One Response to Cafe Mambo

  1. Toni Stokes says:

    I am ready to go back. Next week?

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