Saturday Paella at La Española

My husband and I visited La Espanola to pick up some bomba rice (for my quest for the perfect paella at home) and other needed Spanish groceries. Luis quickly began chatting up Doña Juana herself and quickly received an invitation to Saturday paella. We returned last Saturday and enjoyed some paella outside in the adjacent patio area. The store was bustling, filled with folks ordering their paella, bocadillos, meat and cheese plates and wine. Call ahead to reserve your spot, bring friends, get a bottle of wine, and sit back and enjoy the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, and even practice your español with the Spaniards.

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3 Responses to Saturday Paella at La Española

  1. I am glad you procured your bomba rice. I can’t wait to hear about your next paella fest. I bet it will be perfect. And what a treat to have been invited for a meal. That is most gracious. I bet you e oyed it. Great post, Bree. Keep them coming.

  2. Marc Crocetti says:

    The Paella looks great !! What is Bomba rice?

  3. breecrocetti says:

    It is a Spanish short grain rice they use in paella.

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