Snacks for Sparkling

Our biannually (so it seems) wine group met recently to taste sparkling wine. DJ and Beth carefully selected 6 to try: 2 Cremant, 2 Cava, 1 Champagne and 1 California sparkling, all made in the methode champegnoise/methode tradicional methods. We taste, learn, discuss and eat. Here is our tapas-style food we prepared for the event: I made a lentil and Valderon blue cheese salad from Made in Spain: Spanish Dishes for the American Kitchen, and Heather made her signature tortilla. Looks like all those study-abroad trips to Sevilla and Barcelona paid off!

Chef DJ whipped up this terrific sauteed shrimp with chives, tarragon and tomatoes.

Wonderful snacks for a wonderful evening with friends.

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One Response to Snacks for Sparkling

  1. That was a great night! Tasting all those bubblies side by side was eye-opening…and delicious!!!

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