Thanksgiving Leftovers

I love having lots of leftovers from Thanksgiving. The next couple of days I will heat up some for breakfast or a snack, and certainly dinner. All or our Thanksgiving meals are good, and this one was especially good. Last night I decided to try Turkey a la King with some parker house rolls.

These rolls are great. They come frozen. All you have to do is defrost, proof, brush with melted butter and bake (and finish with some more butter at the end).

For the turkey, I used a recipe from The Joy of Cooking. Just make a roux, add half and half, some sauteed mushrooms, the cooked leftover turkey left it all heat through, then serve it on the rolls (I did thin it out a little with some chicken stock).

Super comforting, warming and satisfying (and super-fattening, I’m sure). We washed it down with some left over sparking wine, and flipped back and forth from the Jerseylicious marathon, The A List marathon, Cake Boss marathon, Goodfellas…


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One Response to Thanksgiving Leftovers

  1. OrganiCat says:

    Looks yum! Dressing for breakfast is my Black Friday tradition. Sean had a turkey sandwich for lunch and a total T-day dinner rerun yesterday, while I slaved away in retail insanity. At least we started the leftover season off by picking up a nicely discounted elliptical trainer!

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