¡Mountain of Churros!

During our most recent trip to Spain, Luis accidentally deleted all of the photos he took in Granada. Luckily, we learned that they can be recovered form the disk (thank you, DJ!). I would like to share with everyone the greatest churros in the world! We arrived in Granada early in the morning, fresh from the overnight train. We dropped off our suitcases at the apartment and hotel, and hit the ground running. We made a beeline to Luis’ favorite churrería, Alhambra in La Plaza de Bib-Rambla. He said the magic words, “churros para cinco, con chocolate, por favor.”

Aaaaahhh…a mountain of hot, crisp, airy, chewy churros. I dig mine plain, but you may dunk them into the hot chocolate. We did this a few times in Granada, and you should too.

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2 Responses to ¡Mountain of Churros!

  1. Bree, I remember churros para cuatro, con chocolate at El Moro in Mexico City in the early seventies. In fact I will never forget those churros, and the funny thing is our friends picked us up at the airport, and took us STRAIGHT to EL Moro. The Call of the Churros can not to be denied!

  2. Toni Stokes says:

    Just re- looking at your pictures. Bad idea, I want to get on a plane right now. They were sooooooooooo wonderful. And just when you think you can’t eat anymore, I’m grabbing for another one. Can’t you make them at home???

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