Christmas Skirt

Everyone needs a new outfit for the season of holiday parties, and for this last one, I made this red skirt. It is a pattern from The Colette Sewing Handbook, a fantastic sewing manual from Colette Patterns. They design and sell wonderful unique sewing patterns, with easy to follow directions. Their designs are cute and modern, with a vintage feel. This skirt is called the Meringue Skirt, and has a side zipper and a scalloped hem.

This is the first project in which I have made a muslin first. Muslin is a simple, cheap fabric often used in making a practice/mock-up of a pattern (“making a muslin”). You can use this practice run to make adjustments on the pattern, learn new techniques and make mistakes before cutting into your more expensive, final fabric. I am glad I did this – I made two major mistakes that would of cost me all new fabric had I not practiced with a muslin first.

I still need ¬†practice installing a zipper perfectly, and some major practice in patience. As satisfying it is to wear something you have made, when I look at it, I see flaws and things I would do differently next time, but I will not point those out to you (don’t look at the spot on the carpet).

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2 Responses to Christmas Skirt

  1. Toni Stokes says:

    Looks great !

  2. What a good job youdid!Those scallops can be a challenge, I know. Stitch, cut, trim, iron, fold, iron, again and again. I really like your picture in fron of the drapes. Where did you get those big snowflake ornaments>Did you make them? Maybe a blog about them would be fun.

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