Modern Circle Pillow

This has been the most tedious, complicated quilt project I have worked on so far. I was attracted to it for the mid-century modern look of the pillow, I thought it would look good on my couch (which it does). The pattern is from my quilting instructor, Alissa, posted on the Janome sewing site. Look at the pattern and scroll down and see how many little pieces of different sizes that need to be cut and sewn together! I was amazed at how nicely it turned out – I thought for sure I would goof it up somewhere along the line, like I have on simpler projects.

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One Response to Modern Circle Pillow

  1. Those folks at Janome have lots to offer, including some awesome machines. Your pillow is stupendous! What beautiful execution, really meticulous work, Bree. You have inspired me to make another apron. I have had one particular pattern for well over a year, and the fabric to go with it. I will keep you posted, so to speak. To return to your pillow – Brava!

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