Baby Quilts

In the first series of quilting classes I took we made this baby quilt design. 3 columns of 16 rectangles, a “coin” quilt. It was taught by modern quilter extraordinaire, Alyssa Haight Carlton at my fave fabric shop and sewing studio, Sew Modern. As soon as I got home from the first session with my quilt top, I took the extra fabric and made a second one.

The hardest part is selecting the fabric. The problem is that there are so many beautiful designs and colors, it is almost impossible to choose. I figured these are good baby colors, nice and soothing, not your typical blue and pink. In the next two classes we learned how to do the actual quilting, and then finally the binding. Here are a couple action shots of the finshed quilts. First we have little Ripley, also modeling the cute Pearl Jam onesie I got her:

And the lovely Maya during playtime on her quilt:

I just completed another one, but I will wait to post the pic until after the baby shower!

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